All homes in Brookcliff Subdivision, regardless of membership status, are protected by Declaration of Protective Covenants and Restrictions.

A copy of this document, as it applies to your property, was presented for your review and acceptance during the legal closing for the purchase of your home. This document is also on record with the Clerk of Superior Court of Cobb County, Georgia. The construction of homes in our beautiful neighborhood was completed in four phases over the course of approximately 10 years beginning in 1974 and ending around 1984. Each of the four phases has a separate covenants document with varying wording, but the general restrictions are the same throughout the subdivision. To view the document that applies to you and your property, please click the appropriate link below:

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

Phase IV

If you are unsure of the Phase in which your property is located, you may use your deed to find the ‘Block’ and ‘Lot’ information. The first page of each Covenant document notes the Blocks and Lots which it describes. If you are unable to locate this information, we can try to assist you with making that determination. Please contact, including your street address, and we can review the plat information for you. In the meantime, we suggest you review the Phase IV document as it contains the most current wording and comprises the general covenants for all other phases.

Exterior Modifications

The most important covenant we have in place is that all exterior redecorating, architectural changes and re-landscaping must be approved prior to beginning construction. This includes things as minor as changing the paint color on your house or shutters, constructing a fence or retaining wall on property or as major as adding on to the exterior of your home, changing the veneer on the exterior of your home or building a playhouse or other structure. All plans for such modifications must be approved by the architectural control committee. Please complete the Architectural Modification form and submit to for approval prior to contracting for any work to begin.

You will receive written confirmation of receipt, from which time the committee has 30 days to respond with approval or disapproval in writing. If the committee fails to respond within 30 days, you may proceed with your plans as submitted. You may be asked to attend a committee meeting to present the building/landscape plans, but ample notice will be given, and a convenient time can be scheduled.