Pool – Please take note

The pool opened as scheduled on May 21st.  Thanks to everyone who responded and turned in their after-hour and COVID-19 waivers.  We also appreciate most people complying with the new COVID-19 policies.  This will prevent us from having to implement more restrictive policies.  Remember, if you haven’t turned in your waivers, your code will not be enabled and you are not permitted to use the facilities in the common areas.

Unfortunately, we have had multiple issues around guests (non members) using the pool, minors using the pool without their parents (guardians), people entering the pool without having signed waivers, misuse of gate codes, etc. and have had to ask people to leave the pool area.

Our intent is not to be overly restrictive, but we will take whatever measures are required to keep our facilities a safe environment for our members.  Your board is working hard to ensure the pool stays open this summer, please do your part; have a discussion with your family about the rules and why we’re having to operate the pool a little differently this year.  Once we get an assurance from Swim Atlanta that they can reliably supply lifeguards per our contracted schedule, we’ll review a return to normal policies (COVID-19 restrictions would still apply) between 11:00am – 7:00pm.

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