2020 Brookcliff POA Dues

Hey Brookcliff Friends: It is that time of year again. In your inbox or spam you should have an invoice for the 2020 Brookcliff POA Dues. The email was sent from:

Brookcliff Property Owners Association <quickbooks@notification.intuit.com>

Here is what it says:

Please remit payment to:

Brookcliff POA
P.O. Box 680321
Marietta, GA 30068

If paying Full Member Dues before February 28th, please deduct $50 from the amount owed as an early payment discount. Please note that this does not apply to Civic Members.

Please Note: Members paying dues after May 10th are not guaranteed that their pool codes will be operational at pool opening.

Members paying dues after May 10th will receive their pool access code within five (5) business days upon receipt of funds.

If not paid early full dues are due the last day of March. Please refer to the collection policy you were emailed for additional details

Brookcliff Property Owners Association

So the GREAT news ?? is if you pay by Feb 28th Full Members get a $50 discount. (Does not apply to Civic Members).

Check your inbox, spam, etc. Set up Bill Pay today and you won’t have to remember it later.

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